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My Beloved Buttons

IMG_98081174436331On 6/10/2014 i had to put my Buttons down. I had taken her to the vet because the growth on her arm got big, she was diagnosed that it was cancer. She was an old cat who was a stray and cane into my life, we had her for 12 years and she had to be at least 3 or 4 years old. It was a hard decision but we gave her a good life and in turn she brighten out life as well. It will almost be two months now that she is gone, miss her meow in the morning for food, looking out the front window or sitting on her chair chilling out. I thank god she came into our lives.

My life

Since I retired and its now almost two years, I should be enjoying myself. It's been one series of unhaapy event after another. I keep wondering why I'm here on this earth. I wish things would turn, with my daughter and her family moving in its been so stressful with my husband and her going hesd to head on issues. Please dear god help me I need peace in my life.

My cat Buttons

Today my Buttons gave me a scare. I was in the attic putting away some of the Christmas boxes and thought I had the door shut but found out that Buttons some how open the door. She came in the attic and when behind this passage way. I was yelling "Buttons, Buttons and she peeps out of the corner and when I tried to get her she ran behind the passage way again. I when downstairs and got the wet cat food and left it outside the door way. When I closed the outer door I heard her eating the cat food and I opened the door and grabbed her. She was a little annoyed that I interrupted her from the food but I pick her up and gave her a hug and told her she was a bad girl. When my husband came upstairs he says to me "Why are you yelling and I tell him what happen with Buttons and all he can say "She would have came out of the attic at some point", I looked at him and said to myself "Men". Next time I'm going to make sure she not in the room at all. You never can trust cats they are nosy parkers. I guess the moral of the story is even an old cat likes to have a sense of adventure.

Zoey Can't Wait for Christmas.

My youngest cat Zoey (the black cat) was peeking in the stocking. She knew that I put some cat toys for her and the other cats and she was being nosing. She had us laughing because she had her whole head in the stocking. She is one NOSY CAT. b5dfc4414801__1355786102000d35d2d8d6cdc__1355786076000


Happy Birthday

A lovely picture of me and my wonderful husband on my birthday. 483512_10151394350620864_1517112591_n

My birthday celebration with the family

My daughter Jennifer and I shared our cake yesterday on my birthday. My grandchildren could not wait for the candles to go out they wanted that piece of cake. 16024_10151394302405864_1638943926_n17925_10151394271970864_292608881_n406663_10151394347415864_235401421_n

Christmas Tree

I finally set up my Christmas Tree, lights and some decorations. Tomorrow the kids are coming to put on the remaining bulbs and will be celebrating my birthday and my daughter's which was on the 9th of this month.

My cats are now circling the tree and checking it out, no one has climb the tree yet but two of the cats have slept under the tree. They are more interested in the boxes that all the decorations were in right now.

It's starting to look like Christmas in the house.


Monday - Pumpkin picking.

Monday my daughter is off from work and the kids off from school. We all decided to go pumpkin picking. We all seem to love going on the hay ride, going in the maze and picking those pumpkins. I just wish the kids would pick a smaller pumpkin, I think they find the biggest pumpkin on purpose. Will post some pictures. 10202007-pumpkinpatch

My Birthday

I had a great birthday today, I went out to dinner with my husband to the Harbor Crab for dinner, my favorite place to eat. When we came home I had cake with my daughter, grandkids and son-in-law. Of course, my daughter and I share the cake celebration. My daughter's birthday is on the 9th so we have always share the cake together. At the end of this month I will be retiring and finally be able to enjoy life. I can't wait, no getting up early in the morning, coming home so tired and only have to take a two week vacation. I will be at the beach this summer alot. I finally be able to spend my time on live journal, these past few months I been so tired even to go on the computer. I would only check my emails and then get off. I hope to catch up on all the gossip and videos of Geoffrey.


Today my daughter and I had a chance to see a movie together. It's been awhile since we had a mother and daughter outing. She wanted to see the King's Speech and asked me if I wanted to go with her. We were not disappointed, both Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush gave us a stellar performance. We both enjoyed the story line and the acting was fantastic. Both actors should win an award on Oscar night. I was even surprised on Helen Bowman-Carter this was a different twist for her, usually she plays odd characters. She was terrific as the King's wife. I'm so glad I got to see this film. GEOFFREY ROCKS.

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