11 December 1949
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I'm married to a wonderful person who understands my independence. I'm in my 50ths and have a daughter and two grandkids Christine and Kyle. I also live with four cats: Chloe who's has white and black spots and Buttons a grey and white tabby, Bow who is also a grey and white tabby around 3 yrs old. First two cats I found near my door step with no homes so I took them in, Bow was a young cats my daughter found having kittens who needed a home. I had a dog name Tex who was a border collie mix who died last year at the age of 14. My latest cat is a black cat name Zoey, she is so cute. My secret boyfriend is Geoffrey (husband doesn't know) since he would be jealous HEHE. I have most of his films that are in the USA and watch them alot. I love his acting and the way he moves. I currently work but hope to retire someday. I love to meet other people like me who are crazy for Geoffrey. Hope to make some new friends and have interesting conversations about our favorite subject.